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Configure Account Settings for a User

To configure additional account settings for a user in CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM), perform the following steps.

  1. Click Additional User Properties to add more information about the user.
  2. Expand Account Settings to configure the following options.
    1. In Change password at next logon, select Yes to require the user to create a password when first logging on. Select No to disable the change password feature.
    2. In Set passwords to Never Expire, select Yes to prevent user passwords from expiring. Select No to allow the user password to expire at regular intervals.
    3. In Account Disabled, select Yes or No to enable or disable the user account. If you provision a user with its account disabled, that user cannot log on until you enable them by clicking Enable in User Functions.
    4. In Account Locked, No is the only option and is selected by default.
    5. In Account Expires, select Never to prevent account expiration. Select End of to choose the date when the account expires.

      If an end date is selected, CPSM will automatically disable the user's account on the next calendar day, and they will not be able to access CPSM or any related services (e.g. Hosted Exchange at CDS or BlackBerry Enterprise Server). Leave this setting as Never if the user's account does not need to expire.

  3. Click Advanced Options to select security roles for the user. The Configure a custom role collection check box and all security roles are unselected by default. You can select one or more roles for the user here.
  4. Clear Configure a custom role collection to select and assign one pre-configured role from the drop-down list. You can find a list of pre-configured roles and their permissions here
  5. Expand Email Addresses to configure one or more e-mail addresses for the user. When entering an e-mail address, you must click Update to create the address before clicking Provision. CPSM automatically assigns an e-mail address constructed from the UPN.
  6. When you are finished, click Provision to create the user.