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Adding Users

AD Sync Method

User accounts are created automatically by the AD Sync tool installed on agency domain controllers. It is not necessary to create accounts directly in CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM). To add a user, simply create the user account in your Active Directory domain and make sure the account has a correct UPN and is a member of the AD Sync global security group.

If the user account does not appear in CPSM shortly after it is created, try changing the user account password. AD Sync will notice the password change and immediately create the account in CPSM. If the account still does not appear in CPSM, contact CDS Customer Care.

Manual Method

If your agency does not use AD Sync, you can create users manually through CPSM. To create a new user, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Users > New Users.
  2. If not expanded, expand User Details then select or type the following information:
    1. In UPN, type a username that will be prepended to the domain name that you select from the drop-down list. The username is automatically populated in the Username field. You can edit the Username field.
    2. In First Name and Last Name, type the first and last names of the user. The Display Name field is automatically populated with the first and last names of the user. You can edit the Display Name field.
    3. (Optional) Click Additional User Properties to add more information about the user. More information on this topic is provided in Configure Account Settings for a New User.
    4. (Optional) To designate the user as a test user, select the Test User check box.
      Test users are user accounts that are not added to billing reports. You can later edit this user and clear this check box.
    5. If you do not want to add more details, under Password Configuration, add a password for the user.
  3. Click Provision to create the user.