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Service Connection Points

What are Service Connection Points?

Service Connection Points (SCPs) are objects in Active Directory that hold information about services. Services can publish information about their existence by creating serviceConnectionPoint objects in Active Directory. Client applications use this information to find and connect to instances of the service. The Microsoft Exchange Server Client Access Server (CAS) is no exception to this. The serviceConnectionPoint object class is derived from the connectionPoint class. ServiceConnectionPoints in Exchange Server will contain some key attribute information that is needed for client application discovery.

Why do I need to remove them?

Once all of your mailboxes have been migrated to Exchange Online, your autodiscover information (including what is provided in the SCP object) will need to direct your users to Office 365. Because the Outlook client will first look for an SCP object when attempting to use Exchange AutoDiscover, this object will need to be removed or changed to direct to our CAS arrays.

How do I remove or change them?

First, you will need to log in as a domain administrator to a system with domain management tools installed. Open the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in, click on the View menu, and select View Services Node.

You will need to traverse the tree structure until you locate your CAS servers.

For each CAS server in your environment, right-click on the object and select Properties. The serviceBindingInformation attribute will contain an internal autodiscover URL.

It is recommended that if you have already decommissioned your Exchange organization, you should delete the SCP object entirely. Right-click the object, and select Delete.

If you have not decommissioned your local Exchange organization, you will need to modify the serviceBindingInformation to be