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Adding Contacts From a Different Region

To add a contact from a different region (US to UK, for instance), you will need to follow a slightly different procedure than adding a contact from your own region.

Click on the Search Bar and type the full E.164-formatted telephone number of the user without any spaces and suffixed by in order to add the contact. The field will populate with the closest match.

E.164-formatted numbers are in the form of the country code, the national destination code (area code), and subscriber number.

North American Hosted IPT at CDS Format

The North American telephone number (469) 586-3033 would be 1 469 586 3033. Dropping the spaces and adding the DNS suffix makes this number

United Kingdom Hosted IPT at CDS Format

The United Kingdom telephone number (020) 3787 7571 would be 44 020 3787 7571. Dropping the spaces, the trunk prefix (0), and adding the DNS suffix makes this number

Once you find the person, click the chat bubble to open a new chat window.

Click on the + icon to add the contact and add a display name.

The contact is now in your contact list and available for chat or call.