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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cisco Jabber?

Cisco Jabber is CDS’s new premier instant messaging and presence (IM&P) application for Windows and OS X. Through the Cisco Jabber console, you can easily locate your business contacts, see their status, and message each other in real time.

How do I get Cisco Jabber?

Please see our download page.

What operating systems are supported by the Cisco Jabber client?

At this time, the Cisco Jabber client is available for the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and newer
  • Apple OS X 10.8 and newer

What kind of presence information is available in the Cisco Jabber client?

The Cisco Jabber client will tell you when contacts are available and away like other instant messaging software.

Can I change my availability status outside of the presence information?

You can change your status between Available, Away, and Do Not Disturb with the drop-down menu at the top of the Cisco Jabber window next to your name.

Can I organize my Contacts in the Cisco Jabber client?

Yes, to create new groups:

  1. Click on File > New > Group and type the name of the new group you wish to add.
  2. Click on Create to finish the process.

To move an existing contact into the group, right-click on the contact and choose Move to Group. Select the group into which you want to move the contact.

How do I start a chat session in the Cisco Jabber client?

To start a chat session, double-click on the name of the contact with whom you want to chat or right-click on the contact name and choose Chat. Please review the Quick Start Guide (PDF) for more information.

Are persistent chat rooms available?

No, persistent chat rooms are not available in the Cisco Jabber client at this time.

How do I control the sounds that my Cisco Jabber client makes?

Sounds can be controlled via the Options menu.

  1. Within the Cisco Jabber client window
  2. Click on File > Options
  3. Click on the Sounds > Alerts option on the left side of the window
  4. Select your sound preferences