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Office 365 ProPlus

Beginning with the 2016 release of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, license activation has changed from individual license key activation to user-based identity activation through the Office 365 platform. This page details information on installing, managing, and using Office 365 ProPlus with the new 2016 apps.

Office 365 ProPlus Applications

The Office 365 ProPlus suite for PC includes the following software:

The Office 365 ProPlus suite for Mac includes the following software:

Download and Activate Office 365 ProPlus

The Office 365 ProPlus installers can be downloaded from your Office 365 home page.

After logging in with your email address and password, you will see the option to download and install Office 365 ProPlus with the new 2016 apps.

If you need an older version of the Microsoft Office suite, please follow the Other installs link to download versions compatible with Office 365 services.

OneDrive for Business

Additionally, OneDrive for Business is available for PC and Mac and can be downloaded separately. More information can be found in the OneDrive for Business section.

License Management

Office 365 allows each user to activate up to five PC or Mac systems and five mobile devices (such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices). Licenses can be managed from your Office 365 Account.

Licenses will be displayed under the Install status section by system name, detailing the platform and initial installation date used by each license.

Activating Office

After installing Office 365 ProPlus, the initial launch will prompt a user to log in using their Office 365 identity. Logging in will license the entire Office 365 ProPlus suite for that system. A successful license activation can be verified on your Office 365 Account page.

Deactivating Office Licenses

If you need to reclaim a license, you can choose the option to deactivate any unneeded installations under the Install status section.

Office Training

Training and Quick Start guides to Office applications can be found at the Microsoft Office Training Center.