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Skype for Business

What Is Skype for Business

Just a super efficient way to quickly connect with coworkers and business partners! Skype for Business is instant messaging, calling, video calling, and sharing and collaboration all rolled into one package.

Skype for Business in Office 365 and Hosted Lync at CDS are separate and unrelated platforms.

Quick Tour

We'll show you the basics, then check out the links below for details.

Here's what the main page of the app looks like. (Want to learn how to add a contact?)

When you hover over a contact's picture, a quick menu appears.

If you click the IM button, you'll get the conversation window.

You can also just double-click a contact's picture to open the conversation window and start an IM.

Here's what the conversation (IM) window looks like. (Want to learn how to send an IM?)

And here's what the meeting window looks like. (Want to learn how to share your desktop or a program?)

More please...