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What to Expect: Moving to Office 365

If your agency is making the move from the CDS Hosted Platform to Office 365, there are some changes to be aware of prior to, during and post migration. This article details what changes you should expect to see in the transition to Office 365.

Pre-Migration Work Up

The CDS Messaging team will work to set up an organizational relationship between tenants hosted in the CDS Hosted Platform and their respective Office 365 cloud tenants. This relationship allows for seamless cutover of users' Outlook clients and mobile devices, as well as redirecting migrated users to the appropriate mail platform during co-existence.

Mailbox Classification

With Office 365, mailboxes will be classified as the following:

  • E3 Licensed Mailbox - a fully-licensed user mailbox, including other Office 365 services and Office licensing
  • EOP2 Licensed Mailbox - a full-licensed user mailbox only; this does not include any additional Office 365 services and is intended for application-accessed mailboxes or conflict brand identities that are fully licensed under another mailbox
  • Shared Mailbox - permission-based mailboxes; these mailboxes do not require licenses however are not directly accessable without an E3 licensed mailbox
  • Resource Mailbox - These are room or equipment mailboxes that will be used to perform automated booking fuctions.

Mailbox Clean-up

Not all mailboxes will be migrated to Office 365. It is important to determine which mailboxes are needed and ensure the appropriate licenses are available to migrate all needed mailboxes.

Free/Busy Status Availability Between Platforms

Free/busy status will not be available between an agency's users in the CDS Hosted Platform and their Office 365 tenant.

Workup Tasks for Agency Support Staff

To achieve the above mentioned results, the following need to be verified by agency support staff:

Autodiscover CNAME record

This DNS record must be present for all migrating domains, however it is recommended that this record the present for all agency domains regardless of their hosting location. For more information on the DNS settings, reference the Hosted Exchange DNS section

For more information on autodiscover, see the Hosted Exchange at CDS DNS section.

Identifying Mailbox Types

Agency support staff should download an export of all mailboxes within a tenant in Cloud Portal, and classify mailboxes that will be migrating as each mailbox classification listed above. Unclassified mailboxes will not be migrated.

Identifying Mailbox Migration Groups

Users will be migrated in batch groups. Agency support staff will be responsible for determining which users will be in each batch, and when these batches will be migrated.

During Migration

Outlook Client Redirection

Supported Outlook clients that have been fully patched have the capability to recognize when a user's mailbox has moved from one mail platform to another. This utilizes target addressing presented from the old mail platform to identify the new location of a previously set up mailbox.

Likewise setting up an Outlook client for a migrated user during co-existence will receive the target addressing information presented through the autodiscover process and connect to the mailbox at the new platform location.

For non-Outlook based clients: Mail clients such as Apple Mail App, Thunderbird, Evolution, etc. do not all honor the target addressing information presented by Exchange. These clients may not redirect automatically once a connected mailbox has been migrated, and will need to be reconfigured and re-cached after the mailbox move has been completed per-user.

For more information on mail client configuration, see the Configure Your Device section.

ActiveSync Device Redirection

Mobile devices that have been set up using ActiveSync will follow a similar process to the Outlook client. After a mailbox has been moved to Office 365 the ActiveSync device will be presented with the new location of a mailbox, automatically connect and continue processing normally. This allows the device to seamlessly cutover from the CDS Hosted Platform to Office 365 without needing to be reconfigured or recache data.

Please note that if a password change occurs at the time the mailbox migration completes, the ActiveSync redirection process may not be successful, and the device could require that the account be removed and added back to the device.

Webmail Redirection

After a mailbox has been migrated from the CDS Hosted Platform to Office 365, the user is still able to log into, however will be presented with a link to Office 365, which will allow them to log into their migrated mailbox.

For more information on webmail access, see the Accessing Your Mailbox on the Web section.

For more information on mobile device configuration, see the Configure Your Device section.

Post Migration Changes

If an agency has been fully migrated to Office 365 without remaining in a hybrid configuration, there are some clean up steps to fully remove the CDS Hosted Platform from mail flow and the connection autodiscover process. These changes include:

  • Change Proofpoint delivery routing directly to Office 365 - to be performed by CDS Messaging
  • Point agency domain autodiscover records directly to Office 365 - to be performed by agency support staff