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By default, a digest message is only sent to users when a message has been placed in one of their quarantine folders. If you wish for your users to receive a digest message regardless of quarantine status, you may either alter this at the sub-org level or at the user level.

Digests can not be sent to distribution groups.

To alter it at the sub-org level, navigate to User Management > Sub-Orgs. Click on the name of your sub-org (e.g. ea153cloud for Example Agency). To alter it at the user level, navigate to User Management > Users. Search for the user and click on their email address. In both scenarios, a new window will open. Click on the Services tab.

You may choose to send empty digests with the Send Empty Digest drop-down list. Once you have made your changes, click the Save Changes button in the lower-right corner.

We do not currently support changing any other settings on this screen at this time. Please leave the other settings at their defaults.