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Safe and Blocked Senders

To add a safe or blocked sender at the sub-org level (applies to your entire agency), log into Proofpoint and navigate to User Management > Sub-Orgs. Click on the name of your sub-org (e.g. ea153cloud for Example Agency). A new window will open. Click on the Filtering tab.

You may add email addresses, domain names, and individual IP addresses to the safe senders list, but you may only add email addresses and domains names to the blocked senders list. To block an IP address or to use an IP range, contact support.

You may now use the text fields, list boxes, and arrow buttons to add and remove safe and blocked senders. When you are finished, click the Save Changes button in the lower-right corner.

You should never change any other option on this page including the Spam Policy. This can break your tenant's configuration.